COVID-19 Response/Recovery

Trimdon Grange Community Centre volunteers decided to set up a group to help residents of the Trimdon areas who may be struggling at the start of the lockdown back in March 2020, started off with flyers to every household, collating numbers of shops who would deliver, pharmacy collections, essential shopping, friendly welfare calls, jigsaws, dvds, books to keep the mind active. Easter packs went out to over 300 children by co-ordinating with Trimdon village Hall, then again in the May half term. We now have 17 volunteers able to help across all the Trimdons by networking with other groups in the area. Behind the scenes we have been emailing out educational packs and had over 60 requests, some we did print off and deliver to those who dont have access to a printer, also Disney and other printables to keep the children active.

Every Monday in May thanks to funding from CDCF initially we have networked with Auckland Castle to deliver 200 frozen healthy nutritional meals plus a desert to people in financial difficulty or shielding. Further funding was obtained from the AAP to allow us to continue this right through to the end of July, however as the Auckland project came to a close in June, we again networked with Robinsons local butchers of Wingate to supply pie/peas and a fruit pack or veg/salad bag alternative weeks, fortnightly we also gave out hygiene packs plus comfort packs to residents.

As the recovery is now underway, we are encouraging residents to come back out into the community slowly and have a free pie and peas plus a cake and cuppa - to all those we have helped in the 3 months it will be free of charge on August 3rd - please ensure you book in as we adhere to social distancing guidelines. We can also offer free transport if you wish - 07899 824429