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Youth club (juniors)

Over the last 10 years, we have been able to do a wide range of activities which have included trips out, pizza nights, theme nights; Halloween; bonfire; disco etc and a Christmas party and pan cake hue.

The young people have been able to take part in cookery to learn about health and hygiene.

I feel that the young people have had a chance to participate in a positive way within the centre as well as within the community, so hopefully avoiding antisocial behaviour in the village.

The young people attending the youth club are of different genders each week.  There ages range from 7-12 years.  Our numbers are now on the increase attracting between 25-30 people each week and we also have volunteers come along just to help out occasionally.

With the new equipment purchased, we have been able to play table tennis, arts & crafts, badminton, outside rounders, group skills.  We also include karaoke, board games, pool, which all give us a chance to build relationships to break down barriers to acceptance within the community.

As from April 2018 the youth clubs are now working in Partnership with Trimdon Community College and Trimdon Parish council, using local existing staff at Trimdon Community College, young people and volunteers from both villages, for all sessions across both villages bringing continuity and best practice and value for money

Pamela Duddin,
12 Apr 2018, 02:45